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Squidbillies Fired Actor Stuart Baker Over Offensive Facebook Post, See Here

Stuart Baker
Source: Saving Country Music

Squidbillies actor fired over a racist post on social media.

We all know that Black Lives Matter is a high movement right now. Although it goes without saying that all lives matter, some people just believe in rotten opinions and even have the audacity to bring it on social media. In light of the newfound value of human life, it is my duty to tell you about a person who has recently been fired for putting up some hurtful thoughts on social media.

Unknown Hinson fired over offensive comments against BLM

Stuard Baker a.k.a an Unknown Hinson the actor and musician’s dismissal was effective immediately when he posted some hurtful comments on social media in response to Dolly Patron voicing her support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Stuard Baker voices the character, Early Cuyler, on the show. Upon this hurtful act of Stuard, Jim Fortier and Dave Willis came with a justifying statement on twitter. They said, “We are aware of the extremely offensive and derogatory posts made by Stuard D. Baker on social media last week.” “Those views do not reflect the values and views of their show that they have built over 15 years” they added. At last, they announced that the production of Squidbilies will continue without Stuard D. Baker, effective immediately.

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Most of you might want to look at those posts by Stuard Baker, however, he has deleted them as of now. Moreover, he also posted an apology online begging for forgiveness which has also been taken down.

Apart from him being fired, Reverend Guitar, the company that makes Unknown Hinson’s signature guitar has also called off their deal with him. They announced that they will no longer be working with Unknown Hinson and have also taken him down from their website.

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