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Stranger Things Season 4: Final Season Release Date Revealed At Netflix

Stranger Things, the strange story of an even stranger town, Hawkins is returning with the 4th season. The fourth season has officially been confirmed recently. This time the show is going to be different than the previous seasons. We might even see a connection to the Chernobyl disaster. However, we are not sure.

Season 4 Release Updates?

The 3rd season finally aired on 19th July 2019 after a gap of 18 months. We are not sure about the release of 4th season too. However, some eagle-eyed fans claimed that the filming had already begun in October 2019. Even if it is true, the show still takes a lot of time in production. It seems to be impossible to be released in 2020. We can expect the show to be released at the beginning of 2021.

Moreover, there are rumours that season 4 might be the last season in the series and if not then season 5 sure will be. This is sad news for the fans although it is good for the series, extending it without a proper story might just ruin it.

Season 4 Plot?

Season four is going to be different than previous seasons. The set is finally going to be beyond Hawkins. Since the gang has bee separated we will see the storylines of both parts of the group running simultaneously.

There are also speculations that this season might have a connection to the Chernobyl Disaster. Fans think so due to the fact that the show is moving towards 1986 the year of Chernobyl. It is possible that Eleven accidentally sparks the reaction, or it is a cover-up for something else that Russians discovered.

Another fans theory also says that Hawkin’s Chief of Police, Hoppers might be alive. Since his dead body wasn’t seen, he might be the unidentified American prisoner. However, even the character playing Hoppers, David doesn’t know if he is in season 4 or not.

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