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Stranger Things Season 4: Netflix Confirmed Release Date, Here’s Everything You Should Know

Stranger Things, the child-centered Netflix original is coming back with the fourth season. The show has recently been confirmed for the fourth season. It is official now, we are going to see the fourth season. However, there’s a little shift in the cast. It is possible that David Harbour might not return as the sheriff.

Release date

There is no official information about the release date of the fourth season. Since the show uses a lot of VFX it needs more time in production and editing. Thus, it has to be given more time than usual. We can expect the release date to around the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021.

Moreover, this season is going to have 9 episodes. Out of which 8 will be in accordance with the storyline and the 9th one will explore the story of fans’ favorite character.

The showrunners are also talking in regard to end the show. It is possible that season 4 becomes the final season if not then season 5 sure will be.


This season has a lot of set up in the upside-down world. We will get to see different aspects of the curious world. In the last season, Eleven had lost her powers, to save her friends from the threats emerging from the upside-down world, she might just have to regain her powers.

One of the intriguing fan theories is that the Russian captive shown might be Jim Hoppers. In the last season, we saw Jim sacrificing himself to save Hawkins but his dead body wasn’t shown. Thus, fans are speculating the Russian hostage to be Jim. However, this theory isn’t supported by the cast list. David Harbour had a deal till 2019 only and he hasn’t been shown in the IMDB list too. It is possible that he might not return. But to say for sure is not possible yet since David too doesn’t know for himself.

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