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Stranger Things: Season 4 Release Date Out On Netflix? As Duffer Brothers Plan 2 Part Finale

Stranger Things, one the best of Netflix Sci-fi shows. Netflix recently renewed the show for the fourth season. It might be the last season. However, it isn’t confirmed yet but it could be the last season, if not then season 5 sure would be. Duffer brothers know that it isn’t beneficial to forcibly extend the story without a satisfying plot. Hence, it is a wise decision to put the series to rest now.

Season 4 Release Date

The show was renewed for the fourth season on September 30, 2019. However, it is still difficult to pinpoint the exact release date but we can guess a nearby one. Seeing the trend we can expect the date to be around the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021. But still do not be sure of that date too. It is just a guess.

We have also heard that season 4  or season 5 is going to be the final season. So if not this one the next one sure will be. It sounds like a well thought and wise decision.

Season 4 is going to have 9 episodes and is going to have a fast storyline like season 1 and season 3. There are speculations that the finale is going to be of two parts.

What might happen?

At the end of season 3, the group had split up. In the next season, we will the two storylines moving simultaneously. On the romantic front too, a number of relationships are going to be tested, moreover, we could see a couple of breakups along the way too.

Now that Eleven has lost her powers, she and cannot open the gates to the upside-down. With emerging threats from the upside-down, she might just have to regain her powers in order to save her friends.

The next season will also tell about the American prisoner in Russia, we’ll get to know his identity. Hopefully, it is hoppers.

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