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Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date Revealed On Netflix?

Stranger Things Season 4:

Stranger things, the strangest story of a single strange city, Hawkins returns with a fourth season. The official confirmation of the fourth season has been made recently. We can also see a connection to the Chernobyl disaster. However, we are not sure.

Release Date:

The 3 seasons finally aired on July 19, 2019, after an 18-month gap. Nor are we sure about the launch of the fourth season. However, some eagle-eyed fans claimed that filming had begun in October 2019. Even if this is true, it still takes a long time to produce the show. It seems impossible to launch in 2020. We can expect the program to be launched in early 2021.

In addition, there are rumours that season 4 may be the last season of the season, and if not, season 5 will be safe. This is sad news for fans, although it is good for the series, expanding it without a proper story can ruin it.


The fourth season will be different from the previous season. The set will finally be beyond Hawkins. As the gang bee separates, we will see the story of both sides of the group running together.

It is also speculated that this season may have a connection to the Chernobyl disaster. Fans think about the fact that the program is moving towards 1986 Chernobyl. It is possible that the Eleven accidentally provokes a response, that is, a cover-up of something else that the Russians discovered.

Another fan theory also states that Hawkin’s police chief, Hopper, may be alive. Since his body was not seen, he can be an unknown American prisoner. And a new teaser of the Stranger Things has launched and it’s confirmed that Hopper is still alive, respectively.

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