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Stranger Things Season 4 To Restart Production In Early October, Yes, It’s Happening!

Stranger Things Season 4
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Is The Production Of Stranger Things Season 4 Planning To Restart From Early October?

Stranger Things Season 4. It is clear that the fans will gonna have season 4 of The Stranger Things and season 4 is not going to be the last season.

Netflix officially announced for renewal of Stranger Things with season 4 and also an official teaser was also released on Valentine’s day this year, but the production of Stranger Things stopped with many more productions of films, series, and dramas due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Has The Filming Of Stranger Things Season 4 restarted?

After the news of stopped production of Stranger Things season 4 due to the Coronavirus, there was no news if the filming process again started or the production team again came on the work? The only answer is Yes.

According to the rumors, the filming process of Stranger Things season 4 will restart from early October in 2020.

According to the sources, the filming has already started in October in the year 2019. The series has been shooting in Vilnius, Lithuania before the shooting stopped. The series has also been filmed across the country as well as in the locations of the former century-old Lukiškes Prison.

A fan remarked on her social media account that the filming is taking place in Rome, Georgia, behind her brother’s house on E 9th and also shared a picture.

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However, Netflix has not yet given any confirmation on restarting the production and even declined to comment on the filming situation of Stanger Things season 4.

When Will Stranger Things Season 4 Be Released On Netflix?

There’s no official release date of Stranger Things season 4 has yet been announced by Netflix, but it is expected that the season will not be returning until 2021.

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