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Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide Mystery: Ex Manager Disha’s Rumoured Relationship With Suraj Pancholi?

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The Bollywood actor Sooraj Pancholi yet again is trending on twitter and being highlighted because of the recent posts which claimed that he was in some sort of secretive relationship with the ex-manager of Sushant Singh Rajput. Later the lead actor of satellite Shankar confessed that these rumors are inappropriate, fake, and very insensitive.

It was just a relationship so what’s to over-exaggerate?

Well, Disha took her life a few days just before the tragic event of Sushant’s death, it was found that she was pregnant with Suraj Pancholi’s baby but in response to this Suraj Pancholi abruptly said that he doesn’t even recognize, even met or talked to her. He continued saying that he doesn’t even know her and came to know through social media regarding the death of Disha and later Sushant’s too.

He also mentions that this is inappropriate and very insensitive for media and people to talk like this for the people who aren’t there. We should think about their family, friends, and close ones. These were the words of Sooraj Pancholi after being accused of the Disha Salian’s death.

Disha Salian’s death

It was just before Sushant Singh Rajput took her own life his manager also fell off from the 12th floor of Malad high-rise in Malvani. Apart from the rumors created with Suraj Pancholi, there’s no clue regarding the reason behind her suicide.

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And not only Disha but, even Sushant’s death is still a mystery. We can’t just blame anyone for the deaths of both Sushant and his manager. It is wrong to literally someone’s reputation cluelessly or accusing them of something they haven’t done!

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