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Sweet Magnolias: 10 Unknown Facts That Is Hard To Believe

Source: TVLine

After becoming one of the most-watched series over Netflix, the fans are indulging more and more in its characters and plots.

So now, it is good news to know that the author of the novel (on which the show is based on) already gave us the hints of its long future.

So here we have gathered some fun facts about the show until we get another season:

  • The Spa centered in the show is actually a law firm based in Georgia

The spa is nothing but a sound stage where the exterior of the mansion is the law firm perfectly located in Covington, Georgia. This location is known as the Hollywood of the south for many historic shows. People can and even visit in the future and literally eat at the restaurant of Dana Sue and it is a real-life restaurant called mystic grill where the whole episodes are filmed and by Mystic Grill some vampire diaries fan have got the clue how things are.

  • The margaritas which we see ladies drinking in the show are not even margaritas at all: they were not alcoholics at all and it is a fun fact because that specific drink becomes a character of its own.
  • The son of Maddie, Ty is ab baseball player in his real life.
  • Jamie Lynn, playing the role of Sweet Magnolias is finally coming over screens after 12 years.
  • Many of the cast members deputed their acting in this show: the onscreen debuted actors include Anneliese Judge, Harlan Drum, and Chris Medlin.
  • The same character dealing with infidelity has been played by JoAnna Garcia before the show in the past too.
  • There is an ultimately different meaning of church in the serenity: well it was nothing but another piece of the puzzle for the characters.
  • As we all are aware of the novel on which the show is based but there are major differences between the series as well as the book.
  • There was only one chemistry read for one couple before the beginning of the filming of the show: Helen and Michael Shenefelt.
  • They all are familiar with that major car accident that took place but the cast did not have any clue about it. Funny, right?
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