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Sweet Magnolias Season 2: Cancelled At Netflix? Renewal Updates

Sweet Magnolias is a romantic web series. This drama is based on the book series of the same name written by Sherryl Woods. The debuting season of this romantic series was premiered on Netflix this year in May. It was developed by Sheryl J. Anderson.

The story of this romantic series revolves around three childhood friends. It is about the intricate relation of lifelong friends while they go through the journey of life. Indeed, it is a very beautiful story and the cast members have done justice with the characters of Sweet Magnolias. Heather Headley, Brooke Elliott, and JoAnna Gracia Swisher were in the lead role of Season 1.

Those who have watched the début season of Sweet Magnolias are eagerly waiting for the update about its upcoming season. Here are some of the latest developments that you should take a look at.

Have Sweet Magnolias Been Cancelled On Netflix?

Season 1 of Sweet Magnolias was released on Netflix this year on May 19. It has been over one and a half months to the release of it but so far Netflix has not updated the viewers about the upcoming season of this web series. In the absence of any update, many fans have started speculating that the creators might have canceled this series. But this speculation has not been confirmed, official.

Will Sweet Magnolias Be Renewed For Season 2?

Those who are familiar with theses developments should know that Netflix usually waits for a month or two after the release of debuting series to renew it for further seasons. So, it is possible that in upcoming weeks or months, the makers would renew Sweet Magnolias for Season 2. With just 10 episodes in Season 1, this romantic drama has left its mark in the memories of viewers. It is highly unlikely that Netflix would disappoint its audience.

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