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Tana Mongeau Is Dating Francesca Farago! Here’s What We Know

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Tana Mongeau is dating Francesca Farago. The Las Vegas-based musician, model, and Youtuber has now been rumored to be dating Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle star Francesca Farago. Tana Mongeau is openly bisexual and has had her fair share of relationships in the past. Recently she broke off the fake marriage with another youtube Paul, although she admitted that she loved him. Meanwhile, Francesca has also recently broken up with co-star Harry Jowsey. Both of the involved parties are currently single or are they?

Is Tana dating Francesca?

Recently, the two were seen dining in a restaurant celebrating, a friend, Cole Carrigan’s birthday. Even a depressed person could have sensed the chemistry between the two. Both of them held each other’s hands the whole time and certainly looked like a couple.

Further, Tana fueled the rumors of their dating by posting a photo of them together on Instagram saying, ” We are dating now pick it up TMZ”. Well, we do not know if she intended sarcasm in that or was actually serious about it.

In another photo, Tana called Francesca and one other Too Hot To Handle star Hayley Cureton her, “too hot to handle girlfriends. She certainly loves wordplay.

Well, the story doesn’t end here. Before leaving the party, Francesca posted a photo Tana saying, “My beautiful date”. We still cannot figure out if they are just having some fun with rumors or are actually serious about it.

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It was also reported that the two spent their weekend evening together. For just friends, they sure are spending quite a lot of time together. Perhaps they might have not even realized it themselves yet but I think that they like each other a lot. Sorry, if I am jumping to conclusions but these often turn out to be true. Stay tuned with us.

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