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Tanmay Bhat: The Standup Comedian Invigorating The Gaming Scene In India!

Source: Sirf News

Tanmay Bhat, writer, comedian, entrepreneur, co-founder of All India Bakchod. Tanmay rose to fame with his witty comments and jokes on social issues. He is also one of the biggest stand-up comedians in India today. He also had his name in one of the recent controversies in which he was criticized to have mimicked Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar. However, lately, he has been into the gaming live stream. Although he is not a pro gamer, he definitely knows how to entertain people. Nowadays people spend a lot of time watching pro gamers play live, so thought the same Tanmay and joined the rat race.

Tanmay invigorating the gaming scene in India

A source says that Tanmay has also been into gaming. He used to play a lot of games while growing up. So, it is not surprising to see him get into the gaming live streaming business now. Tanmay has started playing PUGB on the live stream on his channel. An interesting thing is that he plays with other Youtubers, pro gamers, Bollywood celebrities, and also some fans. Well, what else a fan wants to see, a famous person living a normal life with other famous people.

He also streamed playing with CarryMinati, cricketer Krunal Pandya, Yuzvendra Chahal Entity Gaming, and several other famous names that we know of. Presently, Tanmay Bhatt has 14.9 lakh subscribers on his channel out of which around half have subscribed to him in this very lockdown due to his live streaming. In fact, the famous gamer named 8bit Mamba raided his stream a while ago which left him with a significant amount of followers.

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While streaming he also connects with fans and talks to them, he often roasts them as well. He says that live streaming is a good way to be in touch with his fans. He is also very thankful to his fans for the love and support.

Here’s a sneak peek of his YouTube channel:

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