Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn: Are They Dating? What You Should Know


Well, we must say Taylor and Joe have done a great job at hiding their 3-year long relationship that well, keeping it out of the sight of cameras can be difficult when you’re a celebratory and paparazzi is always invading your private life. Still, they have done a great job at keeping things under wraps.

Only recently we saw Taylor and Alwyn together at the 2020 Golden Globes where both of them said that their secret relationship is something they would like to keep to themselves. Still, fans have been speculating something between them for quite some time now.


Taylor and Joe met at the Met Gala in 2016 for the very first time, in 2017, we started hearing rumours of the two dating each other as they were spotted hand in hand.

Fans had picked up a lot of small indications from time to time for example in of the songs we see the number 91 appeared fans speculated that it for her boyfriend who was born in 1991 or the other one when the number 21 appeared and fans think it is because Joe was born on February 21.

However, the two have not yet posted a picture together, but we have seen photos of the two in the same spot!

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In 2019 when Taylor was asked about Joe in an interview she refused to talk about him saying ‘our relationship is not up for a discussion,’ looks like the couple is truly on maintaining their private life.

Even during this lockdown situation, we see the two quarantining together as Alywn has posted pictures of Taylor’s cats on his Instagram stories.

We hope that Taylor opens up about her relationship soon, but at last, we are happy for Taylor and Joe!

We will keep you updated on more information!


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