Shantanu Pandey

C.E.O, Founder

Shantanu Pandey is the Founder and CEO of The Buzz Paper. Focusing on tracking viral content and making things people wanted to share. Quality has always been a preference for him over quantity, that's what he implement and motivate the Team to do so

Hrishikesh Singh

C.E.O, Founder

An ambitious man on his way to analyse and explore the depths of Journalism and Content Writing. Writing has always dynamited his inner-voice. Had previously grasped a fascinating experience of working as a content writer and now running a company to serve people with knowledge

Aman Tiwari


With experience in News Media companies for many years with Journalistic Touch and knowledge of how to create and recreate information into News. Now serving to 'The Buzz Paper to make it easy and interesting content for people to read

Rishu Raj

Creative Content Creator

Interested in writing and had worked as senior editor in news companies. Wants to share his feelings through his words and love to write on controversies.


Senior Writer

She has the skill to Write Articles, Book-Writing, Reviews, Editing Works. Writer by the day and reader by night.She just makes everything work

Tanuj Upadhyay

Social Media Manager

It's fun when you get to explore out new trends and create your over that. With experience in Content Creating now striving to achieve pinnacle in Internet News Media.