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TENET Release Date Delayed, Mulan To Do The Same, Every Update On Hollywood’s Most Anticipated Movie Releases

Tenet: Release Date

The release date of Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” has been pushed away again. Fans are going crazy as this is the second delay for the highly anticipated movies. This movie was expected to arrive on 17th July and cost around $200 million, which later got postponed to July 31 and now we don’t know if it is the final date but it is pushed back to August 12.

Warner Bros is basically planning to bring “Tenet” on cinema hall & theatres when the whole global pandemic situation will be resolved and the audience is ready to arrive after getting approval from the officials of public health. And of course, it is a big-budget movie so they can’t take a risk and bear this loss easily.

Recently Andrew Cuomo stated that even if the 4th phase of reopening comes in action the movie theatres will not be included in them. So, without having any cinema theatres in the big cities like New York and Los Angeles it will be a great risk and loss to release such an action epic movie. But as some parts of the Nations have started to reopen there is a massive increase in the rate of infections which may push the dates of release further.

When Will Disney’s Mulan Release?

There is a higher chance, that even if the multiplexes malls and cinema halls will be opening at the end of July. The audience or public might not feel safe in going and visiting there. So it is assumed that some measures and procedures regarding safety will be taken care of with some new implementation of rules regarding the social or physical distancing, cleaning protocols, restricted number of audience, and many other things.

For now, it is also expected that Disney’s “Mulan” will be the topmost blockbuster movie to arrive in theatres it is also a big-budget movie with amazing adaptations of live-action. Milan was subjected to release on 24 July but now let see how they came of dates get affected due to this COVID-19 cases who still continue to escalate in California.

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