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The 100 Season 7 Episode 10 SPOILERS

The 100, to mark its presence with the 10th episode on the 5th of August. The reason for its delay is just some scheduled season break, it is nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, the 9th episode will be rebroadcasted this week in the time slot of The 100. Well, the point of concern is not the release instead it is the story in the 10th episode. So, what’s gonna happen?

What is going to happen in the 10th episode?[Spoilers]

The 10th episode is titled “A little Sacrifice” suggesting some intense, dramatic, and action-packed scenes. Perhaps someone might have to make a choice. In the press release, it said, Sheidheda will have a very big moment in this episode. It is possible that he attempts to make his move. Well, after all that part of the story has been moving relatively slow. It might just be the time to make progress in that.

The official description of the 10th episode on the official page of CW reads Sheidheda makes his move. Meanwhile, a disciple goes rogue. As I said earlier, someone might have to make a decision. As the description says that a disciple will go, rogue, I cannot think anyone other than Levitt. We have reason to support that hypothesis. We saw him getting romantically involved with Octavia in previous episodes.

Well, we also have a promo for the 10th episode. Here watch it for yourself.

A shot in the promo show Levitt tied up and bloody and also screaming in pain. We can just hope for him to come out of there in one piece. A scene in the promo in which Hope is seen crying out for her Mom held by Octavia and Clarke, it was also shown in the trailer of this season. It looks like someone’s gonna die, it could be Diyoza.

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