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The Alienist Season 3, Will It Return? Possible Release Date

The Alienist Season 3
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The Alienist is an American origin period drama. The series is based on the novel written by Caleb Carr. The series first installment was released on 22nd January 2018.


  • Laszlo Kreizler played by Daniel Bruhl
  • John Moore played by Luke Evans
  • Marcus Isaacson played by Douglas Smith
  • Lucius Isaacson played by Matthew Shear
  • Sara Howard played by Dakota Fanning


The renewal news of the series third part is not confirmed yet. The potential related date for season 3 is not announced by the production team, But we can assume according to season 2  that it takes 18 month time for production and to premiere the series, so we can say based on season 2 the next season production will take minimum 18 months and the coronavirus pandemic situation and the busy schedule Hollywood A-list actors causes trouble to the production team.

This can cause Push back to the expected premiere date of season 3.

However, the third novel release date of The Alienist is also the biggest factor that can affect the release date of this series.

If the writer or the novel Carr can write and publish it by the end of 2020 then the production for season 3 could start after that but if not, it could take more time and we will have to wait till 2022 to get another season.

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The Alienist season 2 rotates around a kidnaps babies, and also happens to be a child murderer.

John Moore, Laszlo Kreizler, and Sara Howard can track down the murderer in the end after multiple homicides, attempted murders, and some dark secrets. The team closes the case and after that John and Sara separate since John’s fiance is expecting a child and Laszlo leaves for Vienna.

Since each season of The Alienist shows a self-contained story, the next installment of The Alienist will show a different plot and case.

The main mystery of this series depends on whatever story Caleb Carr will put in his new book.

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