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The Baby-Sitters Club: Season 2 On Netflix? Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Baby-Sitters Club (is called BSC) is a series and also the same novels were written by “Ann M. Martin” and it is published by Scholastic between 1986 and 2000. Martin is quoted as the author of the first 36 novels of the series, but the ensuing parts were written by ghostwriters namely Peter Lerangis. The Baby-Sitters Club is about some very good group of friends who live in the fictive suburban town of Stoneybrook, Connecticut. These friends do a very local and simple job called babysitting service.

The original four members of the Baby-Sitters Club return in the reboot with Kristy Thomas (founder and president) Mary Anne Spier (secretary), Claudia Kishi (vice-president), and Stacey McGill (treasurer).

Will You Have A Season 2 On Netflix?

The first season was released on 3rd July 2020 on Netflix which consisted of 10 episodes. With the early success of the first season, Netflix needs a little more inspiration and good vibes, we’ve already made a list of the best Baby-Sitters Club books of all time. With already established fan base from its novel series, the Netflix viewers are very much looking forward to the show. Some early reviews label the show as an ‘Old Fashioned Drama But Fun’. The show has got a rating of 7.8 on IMDb and the Twitterazis have gone crazy over the arrival of the reboot. It is most likely that Netflix will renew the show for a second season, but, on the other hand, it is too early to state anything.

CAST of Baby-Sitters Club

Schuyler Fisk as (Kristy Thomas)

Rachel Leigh Cook as (Mary Anne Spier)

Tricia Joe as (Claudia Kishi)

Larisa Oleynik as (Dawn Schafer)

Bre Blair as (Stacey McGill)

Zelda Harris as (Jessi Ramsey)

Stacey Linn Ramsower as (Mallory Pike)

Marla Sokoloff as (Cokie Mason)

Austin O’Brien as (Logan Bruno)

Christian Oliver as (Luca)

Aaron Michael Metchik as (Alan Gray)

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