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The Big Bang Theory: Is Season 13 Possible? Here’s What The Creators Say

One of our favourite TV shows is coming to its end and fans all around the world are sad, CBS’s The Big Bang Theory is going to end with their season 12 and fans will not be seeing the cast again for another season.

Through all the years we have seen the group of these intellectual prodigies come up with fantastic content to keep fans hooked on their TV this feels like an end of an era, fans are thrilled to know if a season 13 can be possible or not?


CBS had the intentions of extending the series further looking at the raving reviews from fans each year made them realize that the show is widely loved and appreciated, they were going to increase the pay for the entire cast and Parson was going to get a very high raise, but unfortunately, the negotiations fell off when Parson decided to quit the series post-season 12, the show cannot be continued without the main star Sheldon, so CBS backed off.


For all the fans that are going to miss seeing Sheldon, worry not as you can head to Young Sheldon and enjoy our witty young man, Amazon is going to continue with Young Sheldon, and they have already renewed the show for another season.

We do not give up completely on any hope of a spinoff or renewal in future we hope that The Big Bang Theory cast will be back for a reboot and we are waiting for that to happen desperately!

That is all for today, and we will keep fans updated until then continue reading!

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