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The Big Bang Theory: Love Stories Of Cast Members That Went Badly Behind The Cameras!

The Big Bang Theory. One of my all-time favourite sitcoms. The show ran for full 279 episodes divided into 12 seasons. It even became the top viewed tv show in the world with more than 20 millions viewers of the show. Well, we have seen a number of people dating in the show in their own kind of weird style.

There were Sheldon and Amy, Howard and Bernadetta, Raj and many of his girlfriends despite that he was shy in front of women and most importantly Leonard and Penny. Leonard and Penny were the most popular will they won’t they couple after Ross and Rachel in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

With so much of dating happening on the screen and the stars sharing intimate moments. You might think that many cast members would have dated each other. However, to my surprise, it is just the obvious one, Johnny Galecki(Leonard) and Kaley Cuoco(Penny).

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The Cast Members Of TBBT who dated each other

Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco: The two actors started dating in 2007 soon after the show had premiered. It was the time when Leonard only flirted with Penny were not in a relationship on the set. However, two years later the couple broke up. The secrecy that they had to maintain for the sake of the show is to be blamed.

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In an interview, Kaley said that secrecy played an important role in breaking them up. However, they remained friends and in a professional relationship after the break-up. Kaley said that their mutual decision played an important role in helping them dodge a bullet or even a war that could have been bad for the show.

Even today they are on good terms and Johnny calls her a part of her life and not her ex. This certainly describes how beautiful friendship can be. Stay tuned.

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