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The Boys Season 2: Release? Cast? And Other Updates On Prime

The Amazon Prime original, The Boys is among the greatest hits of Amazon Prime Video. It is due to a great treatment of the superhero genre away from the stereotypes that we have seen in recent years on film.

After a super successful first season, in spring 2019, the renewal of the second season was confirmed in July even before the premiere of the first season.

What is the plot of The boys?

The Boys is a fun and irreverent tale of
superheroes who abuse their powers and the vigilantes who embark on a heroic quest to defeat them. The Boys is based on the idea that not all superheroes end up being good. Some get fame on their heads, others become corrupt. In short, there is a group of superheroes that ends up being a threat to the whole of society.

Who will be there in The boys season 2?

In season 2 of The boys, Karl Urban will return as Billy the Butcher along with Jack Quaid as Huey. Laz Alonso as Mother’s Milk, Tomer Kapon as French and Karen Fukuhara as girls will also return, all of whom survived the first season.

Starlight (Erin Moriarty) will return with other members from The Seven: Homeland (Anthony Starr), big fisherman The Deep (Chase Crawford), Queen Maeve (Dominic McElligot) and probably A-Train (Jesse T Asher).

According to the sources, Goran Vishnich and Claudia Dumit will also participate in the season 2.

When will The boys return with season 2?

The first season of the Boys debuted at the end of July 2019. Now, the production is being delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. So, the end of 2020 can be seen as an appropriate time for the release of the second season of The boys.

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