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The Curse Of Oak Island: Season 8? Who Will Be In The Cast

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8
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The Curse of Oak Island is a TV show that revolves around a treasure hunt and the efforts made by different teams to find the treasure. The island shown in the series is situated on the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. The show also talks about different steps taken by groups to find ancient temples. The idea of treasure hunting came in the mind of the “Laguna brothers.” The island is owned by Marty, and Rick does the job of increasing curiosity in brothers.

Updates Regarding Release Date Of The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8

Yet, there is no official confirmation from the History channel regarding the renewal of “The Curse Of Oak Island.” But there are some reports that the franchise is going to be back with a completely new season. 

The show has been premiering on The History Channel for the past six years. 

The ongoing coronavirus has affected the shooting and production of many films and web series. And this could be the possible reason behind the halt of Season 8 of ” The Curse Of Oak Island.” 

There are some rumors that the show’s production will start at the end of 2020, and it will be released in November 2021. But looking at the ongoing situation, this news can only be considered as a rumor. 

The Cast Of The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8 is yet to green signal from The History channel. It is also hard to cancel the show, as it has a very high viewership rating. 

Fans and the cast and the show’s crew members have confidence regarding the release of season 8.

The possible cast for the Season 8 of The Curse Of Oak Island could be:

  • Alex Lagina
  • Gary Drayton
  • Scott Barlow
  • Jack Bagel
  • Billy Gerhardt
  • Blacksmith Carmen Legge

As we find out more information regarding the release or the cast of “The Curse Of Oak Island,” we will update it here.

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