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The Dragon Prince Season 4: Release Date Expectations And Story Spoilers

The Dragon Prince is an animated web series that is being premiered on Netflix. So far the three seasons of this fantasy drama have been released and each one them were successful, commercially as well as critically too. This animated drama is a story of rivalry and friendship, sets in a different world, of several species including humans, elves, and the dragons.

Season 3 of The Dragon Prince was released in the month of November last year. It was very well appreciated by the critics for its compact plot and subtle humor. Now the fans are waiting for the upcoming season of The Dragon Prince and meanwhile, various speculations about Season 4 are going rounds on the internet.

Here is the latest news about the release date and the possible storyline of Season 4 of The Dragon Prince.

Do We Have A Release Date Of Season 4?

Usually, the new season of The Dragon Prince comes after the gap of six months or so. Or it has been the pattern for the first three seasons as they were released in September 2018; February 2019; and November 2019 respectively. But because of some unknown reasons, Season 4 of The Dragon Prince is being delayed. The current global condition in the wake of coronavirus would have delayed the release of Season 4 probably. Although, it is being speculated that the creators may release Season 4 of The Dragon Prince later this year.

How The Story Will Progress In Season 4? [Spoilers Ahead]

The Dragon Prince, throughout all the three seasons, has narrated the story of the fight between humans and dragons with elves on the dragons’ side mostly. In the last episode of Season 3 it became clear that in the final battle, the risky attempt of Rayla to kill Viren was not successful as the villain Viven was shown coming back to life.

So obviously, in Season 4, Viren would create an army to take over the dragons but it would be interesting to see whether this he would be stopped by Rayla and Callum or not.

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