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The Eyes Of The Dragon: Hulu Scraps The Stephen King Adaptation!

This fall is the worst recorded in terms of every aspect, industries getting crippled and TV industries are worst affected due to pandemic. There are several shows and movies which are currently on hold and will tend to resume their productions after restrictions put to ease.

But there are several coexisting and upcoming projects which got axed by their respective streaming giants and some of them could be a major blow to the platforms. Recently, Stephen King’s latest addition which is quite similar to Game of Thrones axed by Hulu. The Eyes of The Dragon was a serious project until got canceled by Disney controlled giant.

Reasons for Cancelation 

Budget Issues

However, there is no specific reason for cancelation affirmed by the reports. But the obvious reason could be budget issues facing by the showrunners to pull off the upcoming project.

Stephen King 'The Eyes Of The Dragon' TV Series Coming To Hulu · FilmFracture

Source: FilmFracture

Coronavirus Pandemic

Covid-19 could be another reason as there is no time to complete the production phases in the project release time. So it’s pretty obvious that Hulu doesn’t have enough funds to cope with such a loss as there are many existing projects that are currently on hold. However, there is no denying that other shows generate revenues for upcoming projects and due to the Coronavirus pandemic it didn’t happen, so axing upcoming projects could be the only preferred choice made by the streaming giant.

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Possibilities of Revival 

The Eyes Of The Dragon is not fully dead yet and it could be back somehow. The show could only be revived if another platform will take the charge to produce it and acquire its broadcasting rights. Likes of Netflix, Disney Plus could be worthy contenders to take The Eyes Of The Dragon on board.

However, it could happen as the project was seriously considered by Hulu but budget allocation was a major problem for the platform.

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