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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4: Hulu [Spoiler] 2021 Arrival Updates! Release And Cast Deets Inside

The Handmaid’s Tale. Hulu’s award-winning show. The show has been confirmed to go for another run and is expected to arrive in 2021. However, it has not been confirmed yet. Based on Atwood’s novel, the show presents a dystopian society. Set in ‘Gilead’ it revolves around the story of June or Offred a Handmaid in that society. Elisabeth Moss’s acting sure has induced life in that character.

When might the next season air?

The previous seasons of the show have either aired in spring or summer. However, this time it might not be the case, and if it is then it would be released next year. The show was renewed for the next season just weeks after the third season was released. Thought the production did not start until March 2nd 2020. It was confirmed that the show had gone into production by March 2nd.

However, like all other shows under production, it must also have been halted due to the lockdown. Initially, it was supposed to be wrapped up August and released by December. However, now the release might be postponed. It can even move to next year. Making its release possible in Spring.

[Spoilers] What might happen in the next season?

The next season of the show is surely going to take the story even further and develop the character of June even more. As in the previous season, she was sowing the seeds of rebellion, there might be growth in that plant in this season.

Unlike its previous seasons, this season will not have 13 episodes. Confirmed by Bruce Miller, The Handmaid’s Tale showrunner, season 4 is only going to have 10 episodes.

However, it is not an indication of ending of the show, rather it has helped the creators become even more creative with it. Talkin of ending the show is not going to end anytime soon, it is planned to go to the point where it can easily move into the spin-off series, The Testaments. Moreover, Bruce Miller also confirmed that the show will end with June’s death.

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