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The Hollow Season 3: Netflix Canceled Series After 2 Seasons

The Hollow Season 3
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The Hollow, one of the best animated shows on Netflix, as argued by several of its viewers. Along with the high quality of animation, the show also has an inventive concept. Some could argue that it brings the classical idea of Jumanji back to life. Characters stuck in a video game, with numerous twists and turns.

However, sadly the show has been canceled after two fine seasons. It premiered back in 2018 and the next season followed after a two-year gap in 2020. Here’s everything about it.

Netflix Cancelled The Hollow Season 3!

After two interesting seasons of the show, The Hollow has been canceled. The announcement was made through all its social media accounts simultaneously. On Twitter, they wrote,” We had an amazing time making this show.” and also thanked the viewers for their support.

The announcement was made on 1st September without telling about any official reason. Well, it is very unlikely that Netflix would provide us with any official reason behind the cancellation of the show.

In fact, Connor Parnall who voiced in the series said that he knew nothing about the cancellation until it was announced publicly. Further, he thanked the audience and the fans of the show for their love and support.

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Why has the show been canceled?

Well, there is no way to know for sure. Netflix rarely reveals the reason behind the cancellation of a show. However, we still can make a guess. The obvious reason seems to be the drop in popularity of the show in the second season. Though that was inevitable, as a gap of about 2 years takes away the momentum of the show. Hence, a lack of viewer numbers is very much possible unless the first season was a global sensation.

The other reason could be the Canadian tie-up with the show. Even in the past, some shows have been canceled on accounts of disturbance in the contract between Canadian production houses and Netflix. As several Canadian Production companies have been turning to the domestication of the industry. However, that seems a little unlikely in this case.

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