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The Kissing Booth 3 Already Filmed! When Would We Get It On Netflix?

One of the most popular romantic comedies of the year, Kissing Booth 2 got premiered on 24th July 2020. Every much after the release, it was revealed that the third trilogy of the Kissing Booth franchise is on the way. Adapted from the novel by Beth Reekles, under the same name, has been developed exclusively for Netflix. Joey King who plays the lead character, Elle Evans, and is also the producer of the second sequel, announced that the third film won’t take much longer to get aired. It is already in post-production.

The initial story follows the life of teenager Elle Evans, who falls in love with Noah Flynn, her best friend Lee’s elder brother. The second sequel starts with where it was left off in the first installment, that is Noah goes off to Harvard to study, leaving behind Elle. Although they talk daily, a misunderstanding takes place between them, and they overcome that.

Is There A Release Date For The Third Sequel?

Although nothing has been stated regarding the release date of the upcoming third sequel, it is confirmed that trilogy is on its way next year. It has been announced by Joel Courtney, who plays the role of Lee, that the filming of the third film is done and dusted and is already in post-production. The first installment aired in May 2018 and the second installment premiered in July 2020, so it can be assumed that the upcoming film shall also release sometime between April and July.

Joey King also said that it was very tricky and difficult for all the cast members to keep it a secret that both the films are being shot together. A short clip of the third franchise has also been released on Youtube. Fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming updates, as it is one of the most loved teen romance in recent years. We hope to get further details soon and until then stay tuned!

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