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The Last Kingdom Season 4? Release Date, Cast And Other Details

The Last Kingdom, The British Historical-Drama is yet again coming with the fourth season. Based on Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories novels, the show takes a historical approach to the place today known as Britain. However, the coming season will be based on a book published in 2013, The Pagon Lord.

Do We Have A Release Date For The Fourth Season?

Well, we definitely have a release date for the next season. Netflix has the show would air on Sunday the 26th of April 2020. Being renewed in December 2018 and with the production starting in April 2019, it has been a long way to the release date. Well, finally we are set to watch it this coming April.

What Might Happen In The Next Season?

Given that a new book has been adapted for the next season, there is going to be large differences between third and the fourth season. For starters, the show is going to take a leap of a decade. Moreover, a bunch of new characters have also been added to the show. Next, we could have Uthred attacking his uncle Aelfric to take over the kingdom, as he alliances have been fractured.

Who Will appear on the screen for the next season?

Since the next season is going to be set a decade later, we will definitely have new faces included in the cast. It can include Uthred’s children, who in the books, by the way, are all grown up.

It was confirmed that Stefanib Martini will be joining the cast as Aethelred’s new love conquest. Next Jamie Blackley will also be joining the cast as Aethelred’s new hand man, Eardwulf.

However, the core cast members will also return with Alexander Dreymon playing the role of Uthred the bold. Joesph Millson will also be coming back to play the role of Uthred’s uncle Aelfric.

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