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The Last Kingdom Season 5: Netflix Renewal Status And Release Date

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The Last Kingdom season 4 is already streaming on Netflix but after watching it fans are curious to know that When will Netflix release it’s Season 5, and what will its story be?

About Season 4

As The Last Kingdom season 4 continues the story of Uhtred’s struggles. Back to where it all began. There’s pleasing symmetry between this season four opener and The Last Kingdom’s first-ever episode. Both start with Bebbanburg fighting off marauding invaders, both end with our hero vowing to reclaim the fortress from his usurping uncle, and

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Last Kingdom Season 5 Renewal Status

WiC Binges: The Last Kingdom season 3 - Page 12

Talking about its Season 5 Netflix still hasn’t renewed The Last Kingdom for season 5. But it’s confirmed that Netflix will pick up the drama for its Season 5, because that story isn’t complete yet, so it’s more likely that Netflix will pick up the story for its season 5.

Also, The Last Kingdom‘s season 4 renewal came just over a month after the 10-episode season 3 was released on Netflix in 2018, so it’s likely a similar schedule will be followed here. That means Netflix will likely announce The Last Kingdom season 5 renewal by late-May or early-June 2020. – Screenrant

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The Last Kingdom (TV Series 2015– ) - IMDb

Season 5 Release Date

The first season came in October 2015, but the show then didn’t return until March 2017. The first full season of The Last Kingdom under Netflix, season 3, was then released in November 2018, with The Last Kingdom season 4 released in April 2020.

That suggests it would be around a year-and-a-half for The Last Kingdom season 5 to be released, which would be roughly around October 2021, give or take a month. However, the coronavirus pandemic will likely mean any production on the series once its renewed can’t start until later, so it’s very possible The Last Kingdom season 5 won’t hit Netflix until sometime in 2022.

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