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The Last Kingdom Season 5, Release Date, And All the Major Unanswered Questions, SPOLIERS!

The Last Kingdom Season 5
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The Last Kingdom has been in the news recently. Ever since the announcement of season 5, people have their eyes on every single update regarding the show. Since the release of its first season, the show has made a huge fan base. But the only thing that disappoints the fans of this show is that the show is too underrated. 

About The Last Kingdom Season 5

This British historical series is inspired by the novel of Bernard Cornwell titled “The Saxon Stories.” The first two seasons of the show aired on BBC. Later, Netflix purchased all the rights of the distribution of the series. 

The story talks about the protagonist Uhtred, who is born in the kingdom of Bebbanberg. The plot of the show is set in the year 872. Back in 1872, an invader named Danes invaded various domains in England. The Kingdom of Wessex was the last Kingdom, and King Elferd headed it. 

Release Date Of The Last Kingdom Season 5

On 7 July 2020, Netflix announced that they are going to make the fifth season of ” The Last Kingdom.” Season 1 and Season 2 aired on BBC. Till now, Netflix has released four seasons of the show and the last season premiered on Netflix in 2018. 

Yet, there is no official announcement or update regarding the release of season 5. Filming and the production of the show have also not started yet due to the spread of coronavirus. And looking at the current scenario, it is hard to start the filming anytime soon. 

The Last Kingdom Season 5: Spoilers

The storyline of season 5 is likely to be based on the novel “The Saxon Stories.” According to a synopsis released by Netflix –  Uhtred felt that his fate is not only Bebbanberg; it also has something to do with England’s future. But to fulfill his ambitions and desires, Uhtred will have to overcome his most prominent enemies and fears.

In an interview with RadioTimes, EP Merchant said, ” In season 5 you will see separate kings coming together, Uhtred achieving his goals. You will also see Uhtred firmly controlling Northern Mercia. 

Some unanswered questions

  • What happened to Uhtred’s youngest son? We all know that Uhtred had four sons. But they have not given any information regarding the youngest son of Uhtred. According to us, he is with Sihtric and his children. 
  • Is Aelswith going to die in Season 5? It’s hard to have sympathy for Aelswith after knowing her negative side. She didn’t die at the end of season 4, but she was very close to death. Fans believe that she is suffering from some kind of illness as someone poisoned her. 
  • Will Aethelflaed be able to remain loyal to her oath? This is only applicable to her as long as she is the lady of Mercia. She can also be released from the pledge if the king found someone better than him. According to us, this all depends on what exactly is going in Uhtred life.
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