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The Morning Show Season 2: When Is The Jennifer Aniston Starrer Returning to Apple TV

Who doesn’t love Jennifer Aniston and her works? Our most beloved Rachel was back to the small screen after an extended period, that is in The Morning Show. Just like Friends, Aniston and Reese Witherspoon together rocked the show, taking it up to the Golden Globes and eventually winning it.

This Golden Globe winner shall be back soon with its second season. The production process for the second season is into work and shall get premiered in November 2020.

Just a week later, after the series debut, it was announced by Apple Tv that the show would be back for its second season. Although no date has been confirmed, it is expected to return at this year-end.

The Release dates of the show might align with the election dates so maybe the second instalment might revolve around or related to voting or politics. Beyond any potential political talk, the new season will pick up right where the first season left off, that is it’s all about transition.

The second instalment will pick up from where they left off in the first Season. We shall again get to encounter Alex Levy, played by Aniston and Bradley Jackson,  played by Reese Witherspoon to anchor The Morning Show, although we have seen how both of them together went against the network itself.

In the case of the cast, everyone except Gugu Mbatha-Raw who died in the previous season due to drug overdose is intended to return. Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Crudup, who played news boss Cory Ellison, are all set to return. New faces might also get added in the upcoming season.

To watch the show, you can tune into Apple Tv by subscribing it with $4.99 a month. It might not get premiered in Netflix or Amazon Prime, because they are Apple Tv’s biggest competitors.

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