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The Most Helpful Apps for Writers and Bloggers

What are the most helpful apps for writers these days? Here, you can find a list of the best apps for writers and other specialists. 

The Most Helpful Apps for Writers: The Best 8 Apps for All Experts

What kind of writer are you: blog writer, a journalist, or, maybe, your true passion is novel writing? But no matter what kind of content you write, nowadays, it is not enough just to write a good article or an interesting story. You should also be able to format and edit your writing. And one of the best ways to do that is to use special apps that would make your text stand out among others. This article has got a great selection of the best apps prepared writers will definitely like. 

Top 5 Apps and Tools for Writers 

Searching for the best apps for writers that feature all the tools you need? This article has got the right list of apps just for you! Enjoy the most useful software and tools for writers right here: 

  1. Evernote. Do you always have a need to note your ideas, so you would not forget about them later? If that’s true for you, Evernote is the right app to install on your device. Its features are completely free, and you can easily plan your writing and take notes in the app.
  2. Libre Office. It is a great desktop publishing tool that can be used for all kinds of purposes. It has no licensing fees, which means that this software is completely free for anyone and can be shared with other users for no cost. 
  3. Grammarly App. Here goes another amazing app for any writer. Every word in this online editor is thoroughly checked. You should definitely use this app for any text you are writing since it will help you with perfecting your creation and making sure there are no silly mistakes you haven’t noticed.
  4. Write My Paper 4 Me. To become better at writing, sometimes, you need to listen to the experience of other writers and learn more from them. This is one of those services that is capable of assisting all writers with a variety of tasks and problems and providing them with the needed support. 
  5. Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator. Sometimes, even the most creative writers get stuck. Luckily for you, the ideas are everywhere these days. Using the idea generator won’t be a bad thing for your creativity at all, even the opposite. 
  6. FocusWriter. This is the right app for those who can’t focus on anything, even when working. It will provide you with an environment free from distractions that will let you concentrate on your work. 
  7. Todoist. It’s important to plan your daily routine, work, and time in general. Todoist is the perfect app for this goal. Just try it once, and it will become your best assistant on a daily basis.
  8. Hemingway App. Your first draft will never be the best version of your text. HA is a tool you will not imagine writing your content without once you try: it checks every sentence and gives recommendations on the types of sentences that should be edited or shortened. 

Gear Up with the Best Tools for Writers 

If you are a writer, these days, it does not only mean that you have to speak good English and have great diction. This is also about knowing which are the best tools to utilize in your work. These days, it’s impossible to avoid the usage of media and electronic devices, so why not turn them into something good for you? All of these apps mentioned in the article are either cheap or inexpensive, so try out at least half of those to optimize your work processes and become better at what you do. 


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