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The OA Season 3: Is Netflix Reconsidering To Revive The Show?

Looks like Netflix is running an errand of cancelling a lot of shows lately. After cancelling, Anne with an E, Vikings, Criminal Minds, and lot more in a row, the American mystery drama The OA is in the queue.

After cancelling the show, is it a possibility that Netflix is reconsidering to revive it back?

The OA and its creators!

The first season did its debut on December 16, 2016. The series had it two seasons of 8 episodes and the third was about to come in play. In the story, the creator herself, Brit Marling as a young woman Prairie Johnson, who went missing for 7 years and now is resurfacing and now calls herself The OA. The OA can now see despite being blind for her disappearance.

Both Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij had planned the show till season 5 as they say. The cancellation has put both of them to a bit of shock and she is quite upset. Here is what Brit has to say :

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What do the fans think?

At the current state, it is quite to make out whether Netflix has cancelled the show or it is just a mere ruse to hype up the views. Mostly the fans believe that it is just a publicity stunt for getting more views for the season.

Some stories have been left untold and a few unfinished. To get the answers to all these, we all need a new season. And since Netflix has cancelled it, that has got the fans in the black mood, they have even started a Twitter movement with a hashtag to save the show.
All we can do is to leave things in the hands of fate, and let it be our Messiah and revive the dead.

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