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The OA Season 3: Release Date Revealed On Netflix? Here’s What We Know

One of the superhit series of Netflix is OA, created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, which is an American mystery drama with the taste of fantasy and supernatural phenomena.

The story revolves around Prairie Johnson, a young woman who had disappeared for 7 long years, has now returned and to everyone’s astonishment, she is no longer blind. She is quite reluctant to release the secret behind her disappearance, while her parents and FBI get anxious to know the reason.

OA is one of the most-watched and demanded shows on screen today. Unfortunately, there won’t be a Season 3 for time being as confirmed by Netflix in August 2019. According to Netflix, they are quite have to work with the team of OA and have highly appreciated their extraordinary hardwork, and are hoping to collaborate with the team again on the same project or something different later on.

After having two successful seasons and leaving the second season with a cliffhanger, the show is off the table now. Marling who is playing the lead, Prairie Johnson, wrote that she was deeply sad that she won’t be able to end the series with her team. Fans were highly disheartened and took their requests up to Twitter to bring back Season 3. One of the fans raised funds for digital billboards in Times Square and another fan went on to have a hunger strike. Later Batmanglij and Marling visited her and offered her the needful. Some fans have also come up with a theory that Netflix has announced its cancellation because of the publicity.

The series had originally come up with 5 Seasons and was quite well mapped out. And according to the team, that is the reason why Netflix was ready to cast the show. But for time, the show is not getting renewed.

Then too, let’s just hope that the show returns with its third, fourth and Fifth Season. And until then if you haven’t yet watched this piece of wonder, then you should definitely go for it!

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