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The Office Reunion: What Are The Plans? When Might It Arrive?

The Office Reunion
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Excited for Office Reunion ….???

Yes, your eyes have landed at the exact place where you can get updated regarding Office Reunion. So let’s get started.

All fans have been very curious to get updated about the information regarding the Office Reunion, as the show left us living merry comedy life for nine long seasons, and we still miss the show a lot.

According to the information, it can be expected even if the show is going to get rebooted after a very long time, many of its cast members won’t be back for a reunion after working for the show for so long period and this is actually a bit disheartening news for the show’s fans.


1) Steve Carell: During an interview with Steve Carell, he refused to work for the team by saying even if he gets to work with the same producer and the cast then also he is not going to return for this reunion and to work as the actor in the official reunion.

2) John Krasinski: If we talk about John, better known as Jim, we can definitely assure the fans of Office Reunion that Jim is going to return to live his beautiful role in the show.

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He further said that the show will always remain very special for him as the show was the real success in his career and motivated him to work on other projects.

3) Jenna Fischer: Jenna seems to have special plans for the reunion as she said that she wouldn’t be present for a reunion, but she would like to come back for a reunion special, and she would like to meet the entire cast going back together once again.

4) Rainn Wilson: This character of the show can never be forgotten. When asked about the reunion, he replied he has not received any call from the show for his come back. But still, if he is asked to return for the reunion he would certainly be back for the show.

5) Ellie Kemper: Ellie is going to come up for a reunion. She also has plans for a Chrismas special reunion, and she is very excited to get the cast back one more time.

6) Mindy Kaling: Mindy loves the show a lot but she is very confused right now. Right now, she is unsure if a reunion will be possible as all the actors are busy with their other projects.

We cannot decide much about the cast’s return, and indeed anything is not yet certain. If any changes or updates will be made regarding the Office Reunion, we would definitely keep updating you all.

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