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The Office: Reunion? What We Want To See!

The Office: Reunion

The Office: Reunion. Is 2020 the year for reunions or what. Rumors are, NBC is looking forward to getting the cast of The office once again in the nostalgic set for the release of its new streaming platform Peacock. However, there are no indications for a reboot. The Office is actually the remake of a British sitcom with the same name.

However, this American version is much more famous than the original content. In fact, the fan base only seems to be getting larger day by day. Thus, it doesn’t come with much of a surprise when the parent Network of the show is planning to do a reunion special. Moreover, last year it was announced that the show will be taking a leave form Netflix and will be exclusively available on Peacock at least in America.

So, what do we want to see in the Reunion?

So, basically the idea of a reunion would be somewhat like the FRIENDS reunion. The main cast of the show will gather on the old set perhaps. They might be in their respective characters, we could also get to hear some legendary dialogues first hand. To keep the show going they might talk a little in the way that they used to back when the show ran. You know like describing their own actions as if they know about the fourth wall, interacting with the audience directly. That would be fun to watch.

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Then again nothing can top the idea of a reboot. However, that’s not gonna happen. NBC has already cleared it up that they are not considering a reboot of the show. Though after the popularity that announcement of FRIENDS Reunion brought to HBO Max I guess all upcoming streaming platforms might consider getting a Reunion of classic shows.

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