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The Paper House ‘Money Heist’ Season 4: La Casa De Papel To Premiere This April 2020! Netflix Confirms

Stop! You read it right, the release date of the much-awaited season of the Spanish thriller drama ‘Money Heist’ has been announced by streaming giant Netflix. 

The millions of avid viewers of more episodes of the Spanish success of Netflix’s La Casa de Papel have something else to look forward to: the fourth season is ready, and the wait to enjoy its exciting episodes might not be so long. Next, we tell you everything we know about the fourth season of La Casa de Papel and without spoilers!


The actor Rodrigo de la Serna, who has played Palermo in La Casa de Papel, stated in an interview that the story will come to light in early 2020. Specifically, the Argentine commented that the fourth season “is already recorded and has a release date in January. We are very happy”.

But now, Netflix has officially announced through its twitter handle that the fourth season of Spanish crime drama ‘Money Heist’ will hit the screens on 4th April 2020.


Unofficial hints about a possible 5th season wandered around in the net, also some actors did not seem to put on final graduation with season 4. Now, producer, Jesus Colmenar confirmed the continuation of the Netflix series and also hinted at a spin-off.

Already in October, the Spanish tabloid Formula TV reported that they had exclusively learned the confirmation of a 5th season. The shooting for this should kick off in 2020, starting directly after the premiere of Season 4 on Netflix. The pre-production is already in full swing, as reported by some sources. The return of actor Alvaro Morte is already certain.

So far, there was no official feedback on this “exclusive” information. However, according to the Colombian newspaper El Spectator, the producer, and director of several episodes, Jesus Colmenar, commented on the topic. He also said that there will be a 5th season. Alvaro Morte agreed and said that one could definitely say that a fifth season is in the planning stage.

Anyone who still has questions after the upcoming, probably extremely emotional Season 4 finale, will not be left behind by Netflix. The question of whether the next season will be split in half, as before, is still open.

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