The Politican Season 2: [Spoiler] 2020 Release Date Is Finally Revealed On Netflix

Source: What's on Netflix

The Politician. This American comedy-drama series has an interesting plot. It revolves around the political one person’s political ambition to be the President of the United States. However, in the first season, he and his team have to win the High School elections first. The first season of the show aired in September 2019 and received somewhat average reviews. However, it managed to get high views that in turn made sure of its renewal. The second season of this show is about to release and the fans are excited to know about it.

When Will The Next Season Release?

The next season of Politician is still on track for a June release. It is less likely to be postponed as Murphy himself confirmed this April for it to release at some point in June. It was reported back in November 2019 that the production for the next season had started so a June release seems reasonable. Moreover, it is also something to look forward to at such dark times.

What’s gonna happen next?[SPOILERS]

The final scenes of the first season ended with Payton running for state senate with the help of his old friends. Looks like the next season is going to feature a lot more of his old crew.

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If you think that this will be the season that makes Payton the President of the United States then I am sorry to say that you will be disappointed. The series is planned to be a full five seasons long with a different political race in each season. It is most probable that the fifth season features his race to actually become the President.

Well, it is pretty obvious that in the next season he will win the election for the State Senate. However, what’s interesting is that he will surely be betrayed in the game, after all its politics.


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