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The Rain Season 3: Is This The Last Season? Season 4 Plans Revealed!

The third and final season of “The Rain” has been officially confirmed only on Netflix as the audience and viewers wait to find out how the show ends. Everything you know guys here fans need to know when the show will air on stage.

Soon after The Rain season 2 was released, the streaming giant officially confirmed that a third and final season was on its way.

The Rain season 3 released on Netflix?

Netflix has previously confirmed that the third season of ‘The Rain’ will be streaming on the platform from August 6, 2020. So far this has been dubbed as the final season for series but as per the rumors the makers have also considered to develop a spin-off on of the main protagonists of the show. Though this news is not yet confirmed officially and we aren’t aware of the character the makers are rumored to consider for a spin-off.

Season three’s renewal was confirmed via a status on the show’s official social media Facebook account. It read, “We’ll see you for the third and final season in 2020.” 

Season 1 had eight episodes while Season 2 had 6, so it is not yet clear how many will be in the Season 3 outing.

What is the plot of The Rain season 3?

The Rain season 3 about the storyline of two Danish siblings named Rasmus and Simone

The pair of shelter in a blockhouse when a virus carried by the rain wipes out almost all of Scandinavia’s humans.

The siblings leave the shelter after 6 years so long and seek a safe place to find and live for the other surplus.

The Rain season 2 ended on a huge cliffhanger with Rasmus being snatched by Apollon. There are a lot of questions Season 3 will need to answers and a lot of answers whose questions are yet to be developed in Season 3.


Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen as Rasmus Andersen

Alba August as Simone Andersen

Mikkel Følsgaard as Martin

Jessica Dinnage as Lea

Angela Bundalovic as Beatrice

Lukas Løkken as Patrick

Sonny Lindberg as Jean

Natalie Madueño as Fie

Clara Rosager as Sarah

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