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The Rookie Season 3: Release Date Revealed? Or Not? Deets Inside!

The Rookie is a comedy-drama, produced by ABC Studios. So far, two seasons of this television series have come out and both of them were watched by a large audience. The Rookie narrates a story of the oldest rookie in the history of the Los Angles Police Department (LAPD). This police procedural drama is created by Alexi Hawley. Season 2 of The Rookie, which consists of a total of 20 episodes, has ended on the 10th of May this year.

Now, everyone is curious to know about the upcoming Season 3 of this web series. Here are some of the latest updates which you should know about Season 3 of The Rookie.

Has The Rookie Been Renewed For Season 3?

So far, there is no update regarding the renewal of this police procedural drama for Season 3. Although, it is a bit early to conclude something otherwise in the absence of any official confirmation. The Rookie is a quite popular television series whose every episode has been watched by almost 9 million households. So, it is likely to be renewed by the creators in the near future for sure. And those who have watched the finale of Season 2, already know that there would be Season 3 as the previous season has ended on a cliffhanger scene.

When Season 3 Of The Rookie Would Release?

The Rookie has released its Season 2 just 6 months after the end of Season 1. But this type, there would be a longer gap because of the ongoing upheaval in the world because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Season 3 of The Rookie would come out in the early months of 2021.

How Many Episodes Would Be In Season 3?

Although, there is no official update regarding anything about The Rookie’s Season 3. But this drama has maintained the number of episodes in the previous both seasons to 20. So it is expected that in Season 3 also there would be 20 episodes.

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