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The Social Dilemma: Netflix Original Documentary! To Watch Or Not To Watch?


A new documentary has released on Netflix this month. On September 9, The Social Dilemma has been premiered. Jeff Orlowski has directed this thought gripping documentary. Previously he has also directed the Emmy Award-winning documentary Chasing Ice. Like his previous documentaries, The Social Dilemma has also created a buzz even in the highest echelons of society.

Alongside Jeff Orlowski, two other notable people have written the story of The Social Dilemma and they are Vickie Curtis and Davis Coombie. In the cast of this Netflix documentary actors like Skyler Gisondo, Vincent Kartheiser, and Kara Hayward. Overall, The Social Dilemma has a very balanced cast and crew. Now many people are wondering whether to watch this documentary or not. Here we would give you some heads on about story and theme of The Social Dilemma.

To Watch Or Not To Watch The Social Dilemma?

Before deciding about this, there are some things about this series that you should know. The Social Dilemma is 89 minutes long documentary. The story of this documentary revolves around the common life of a handful of people but the underlying theme of The Social Dilemma is about the effect of social media on our lives which we do not know.

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The Social Dilemma has explored the magnitude of social media’s impacts on society as a whole. As the greatest logic which social media users put forward is that it helps people coming close but in real life, it does the exact opposite. The documentary also explored the fact that how big corporations and propagandists use social media to influence the thought of people. This Netflix documentary has a dystopian environment and there is some explicit graphic violence scene.

We would recommend The Social Dilemma if you are a seeker of truth as it has exposed the dark truth of social media in its own way.

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