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The Social Dilemma: The Dark Side Of How You Are Trapped By Algorithms!

Source- Netflix

We all are social beings and more or less we all know, at some point in our life, we have been trapped into the dark side of social interference of people. Encapsulating these features in just a documentary, Netflix has started it’s work on The Social Dilemma

The Dark Side Of How You Are Trapped By Algorithms.

Netflix’s The Social Dilemma

If we focus on the documentation of The Social Dilemma, it’s depicted how the coders of bigger associations like Google, Twitter, Uber, and many other organizations handle and track their network issues. It’s being noted that how much they tried to hide any important information, the new emerging social media has always been ready to commence its interference in every possible part of human’ s Life.

The Social Dilemma In The Real Life: Justification

The complete high Voltage documentation of Netflix, The Social Dilemma has not just depicted about the hidden dilemmas of higher organizations, somewhere it has affected even our life also.

The Social Dilemma TV Poster (#1 of 2) - IMP Awards

Forget about the previous olden days, when there used to be no internet and everyone had good feelings about other people but what about today…? Are there the same feelings left in people’s lives? Indeed no! Everything has changed, people are more focused on creating fake Images in Infront of others and that too is made to gain social respect. These don’t affect at the first point, but it makes the complete picture of destruction.

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In Netflix’s The Social Dilemma, we have been introduced to the American family, who has been the victim of this entire trip. Well, the day is not far when this social problem is going to get more high hiked and we will be creating our destruction from our hand.

Well, whatever be the fact, don’t worry about anything, just stay positive and try to maintain a clear distance from the Social Dilemma.
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