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The Social Dilemma: Why Is It The Most Important Documentary Of Netflix?

The Social Dilemma
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The Social Dilemma

The fans have considered The Social Dilemma as the most important Documentary on Netflix.

Nowadays, the whole social media is full of only theories of The Social Dilemma.

As we all are aware of the effect of social media has on us. Where ever we’re, we are in touch with people on Social media. Social media is also becoming a very important part of everyone’s lives without knowing.

Everythings have two sides, the good one and the bad one. The Social Dilemma is a kind of documentary that presents the terrifying side of social media to us. It explains in a perfect way the power social media hold and how we psychologically manipulated by it.

The Release date Of Netflix’s Documentary: The Social Dilemma

The Netflix documentary released on the 9th of September 2020. Only the trailer of the documentary was enough to make the viewers think about the impact of social media on them. Here is the trailer.

The Celebrities Reaction To The Documentary

many of the known and famous celebrities have reacted and also suggested to watch and rewatch the movie on Netflix.

Luisa d’Oliveira has posted on her Twitter account that clearly says that if you use social media and haven’t watched the movie yet, you should watch it.

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Faeez Aroos said that after watching The Social Dilemma, he feels like a lab rat and joined the statement with a picture on his Twitter account. The picture is below.

Source: Twitter

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