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The Society: Is Season 2 Announced At Netflix?

The Society Season 2
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One of the most-watched American mystery teen series, The Society is soon coming up with its second season on Netflix. The fantasy series has been created by Christopher Keyser, which first aired on 10th May 2019. It has received lots of positive reviews and has acquired a considerable number of viewerships over a very small span of time. The series has become one of the most popular series, especially among the youngsters.

The series follows the whereabouts of a group of teenagers who must learn how to live in a society all by themselves, making their own rules, after a mysterious incident vanished the entire town while the teenagers were away on a field trip. With the restricted amount of resources and no connection with the outside world, they need to survive according to their own terms.

Is There A Release Date For The Upcoming Season?

Nothing has been revealed regarding the release date of the upcoming second season. The series had been renewed for Season 2 in July 2019. The first season was released in May 2019. So if the previous release schedule is to be followed then the upcoming season was supposed to drop in summer 2020. But due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the production has been put on hold since early this year.

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It is being expected that the upcoming season might drop sometime in early 2021 or mid-2021, depending on the fact that the production beings by the end of 2020. Although nothing much can be speculated unless any official sources release a statement. Fans are eagerly waiting for the series to air its new episodes as soon as possible, as the last season ended on a cliffhanger. The second season is supposed to pick up from where it left off in the first season. We hope to get further updates soon and until then, stay tuned!

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