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The Society: Netflix Season 2 Release And Other Updates

Netflix The American mystery teen drama “The society” left a huge imprint on the mind of its viewers. The nature of the plot sets this series apart from the rest. It depicts the teen psyche in a completely different light. The storyline is engaging and binge-worthy. After the cliffhanger finale of Season 1, it has left its audience craving for more. The expectations for Season 2 are sky-high considering the huge success of Season 1.

The viewers would be pleased to know that Season 2 is on its way as the production was set in motion in 2019, the show got re-established for 10 episodes for Season 2, the precise number is yet to be decided upon however it is reckoned that Season 2 will most likely consist 10 episodes.

Season 1 was released in May 2019 which leads us to believe that Season 2 might follow the same path and might get released in May 2020. There’s no new information concerning the official release date.

The cast of The Society Season 2 will remain the same as Season 1. Chaske Spencer who played Mr Pfeiffer is likely to return in Season 2.

Season 1 has left a lot of questions unanswered one of the most important questions being: “Will the kids manage to escape the alternate timeline and get back home?”, the viewers eagerly await the answers. There’s no trailer for The Society Season 2 as of now, it’s likely to air before the Premiere.

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Netflix has been tight-lipped regarding any official updates. All we know as of now is that Season 2 will return with a bang, it will be intense and even more adventurous than before.

Count on us for further official updates, stay tuned!!

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