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The Umbrella Academy Season 2: Release Date? When Does The Siblings Mark Their Netflix Return?

The Umbrella Academy, the release of the show seems to move as scheduled in spite of the coronavirus attack, given that the filming wrapped up in November 2019 itself. The Hargreeves’ special children are going to release as scheduled in spite of the lockdown around the world. This season is going to clear up a lot of doubts that lie in our minds.

When Will Umbrella Academy Season 2 Release?

As of now, we do not have a release date. The show was renewed for the second season back in April 2019 and the filming wrapped up in November 2019. Therefore, there is no issue of halting filming due to coronavirus attack.

Now the only work left to do in the show is Post-production work. I guess Steve Blackman & Co. are working on it. Recently Steve released a sneak peek of the work going on in post-production, on Twitter. It featured a photograph of Diego. He has grown a lot of hair on his head as well as his face. However, it doesn’t give anything away about the story or the plot.

We can expect the show to release around May or June, during the holidays. Since it is a sci-fi show, its favourable audience lies in the age group that go to school and colleges. Therefore, a summer release would prove to be beneficial.

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What Might Happen In The Next Season Of Umbrella Academy?

Although no plot details have been released nor has a detailed trailer been released, we might have some insight into the story. The next season could feature a time period of the past when the Hargeeves’ kids were actually kids. Moreover, Ben will return in an alive form and not like a ghost. We will also get to know more about Sir Reginald Hargreeve and where did he actually come from.

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