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The Umbrella Academy Season 2: The Real Reason Behind Its Netflix Release

Netflix original The Umbrella Academy is based on a comic book series created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. The quirky superhero series caused a stir the moment it landed on Netflix and left us yearning for another season. The show premiered on 15th February 2019 and received positive reviews, Netflix immediately renewed it for a second instalment. According to Netflix, the show topped the “most-watched” list in 2019.

In an interview, Steve Blackman, the showrunner, stated the importance of a good ending for Netflix because only that will ensure the future of the show. He also mentioned that he wanted to impact the audience in a way that makes them come back for more. Well, he has us all on our toes for the next chapter.

Given below is everything you should know about Season 2:


Steve Blackman, previously, warned us that filming each series requires around 18 months of hard work hence we knew we had to wait. The cast began filming in June 2019 and concluded last November. The show is presently under a post-production phase. Thankfully, the show remains unaffected by Coronavirus pandemic and won’t face any delays.

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Three weeks ago, Steven Blackman shared a photo on Instagram which revealed the first look of Season 2. In the picture, we can see the studio where they are working. We can also see David Castaneda who plays Diego/Number Two on a screen, looking completely different. Although there is no confirmation regarding the release date, we reckon that Season 2 will arrive by the end of 2020.


The entire Hargreeves family will return. We will extensively dig into each character of the show. During several interviews, the cast members have mentioned how their characters are going to change in season 2. On 10th September 2019, there was a tweet from the official account of the show stating that there will be new cast additions.

In the comic books and the web series, 43 gifted children were born on 1st October 1989. But, the Hargreeves adopted 7 of them, therefore, there is a probability of more of the children turning up.


There is no official update about the plot of the following season. However, the one and the only clue we have as of now is from the picture posted on their Instagram handle. It is a photograph that divulges the title of the script of Season 2. The title is “Right Back Where We Started” which insinuates that the Hargreeves might go back to an earlier point in time.

In an interview, Jeff Russo, the music composer of the show, talked about how the music will bring about changes in the show. He explained, that a big setting change is on its way. They have attempted to incorporate music into the show to give it a meaningful direction.

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