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The Witcher Prequel Might Star Jason Momoa!

The Witcher Prequel
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There was huge achievement from the popular show The Witcher which got great success on the Netflix streaming platform. The popular show Wicher is starring actor Henry Cavill and there has new planning for the upcoming season after the successful last season, so of which the production of the show is getting ready to make more series of this wonderful series, which is created by Andrzej Sapkowski.


The Witcher will be having a prequel which they want to present as to how this all started and will be named as The Witcher: Blood Origin and for which famous actor Jason Momoa where he has been interested and wants to participate in this series.

This show has gained enormous fan following and it has been so popular that it in no time had made it one of the largest television series and fans have given it immense support that it is now on the planet and one of the most popular Netflix originals show, which is also making another series.

The next part which will be named Blood Origin and it will have not more than six episodes, and it is supposed to see if there is the same response for exploring the love and support for the show without the participation of its famous actor Henry Cavill’s role of Geralt of Rivia, where the plot is made as it more than thousand years from the past of the history where it originated and the story of the first Witcher began. So with all this, it sounds like one of the best of a role for Jason Momoa to come in.

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The Witcher: Blood Origin Prequel Series Announced By Netflix
Source: Wccftech

Actor Jason Momoa who is not going to be a part of the show that is The Witcher up till the next year 2022.

With all the news going around and the ongoing pandemic, it is a piece of news that this famous and such a popular series of The Witcher will not be released until 2022, for the upcoming third season which is after the second season of the main series can already be seen on the Netflix streaming platform. But with the media reports, it is now claimed that Blood Origin was in the process before it was confirmed and that Netflix is already coming up with a deal with Jason Momoa for the main role.

As a huge fan of the popular show The Witcher, it looks as that the actor would be excited to appear in the series. He is so close personally to Henry Cavill.

Yet there is no certainty that what role the Aquaman star will play, but actor Jason Momoa is not less experience in the fantasy genre films.

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