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‘There’s Nothing Anti In The Series’, Paatal Lok Actor Aasif Khan Reflects Over ‘Anti-Hindu’ Controversy Associated With The Prime Videos Show

Aasif Khan is an Indian actor and a rising face of the Indian web series scenario. If you have seen some of the most popular Indian TV Shows of 2019 and 2020, namely Mirzapur, Jamtara, Panchayat, and Patal Lok, you would have been surely becoming a fan of this man, from portraying Journalist Anas Ahmed in Jamtara to Kabir M in Prime Videos’ recent hit Paatal Lok, the actor has surprised critics with his style of acting and has managed to win hearts with his impeccable performances.

In a conversation with The Buzz Paper, he answered some questions about the latest controversy that has been associated with the show, and his journey that only a few know.

1. How it all happened from a small place like Nimbahera to city of dreams Mumbai,…When your mind struck you that you can go ahead in acting and how was the journey?

“I born in 1991 and till 2009-2010, I completely stayed in Nimbahera (Jaipur), till then I used to work in a few dramas in the annual function of my school. In my childhood, I was also fond of dancing at weddings, after that in 2003, a show happened which was “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge”, in the aftermath of that show, stand-up comedy was introduced in my life as an art form. I was impressed with this art form as an individual can play various characters, after that, I started performing stand-up comedy in my very city, I learned many things from that, and also I have won many competitions too. During this period, my friends started provoking me that I should go ahead in acting and after that in 2010, I decided to go Mumbai, literally, I have done a mistake, that I went Mumbai without any preparation, my family was against my decision of making a career in acting, so I had no financial support. Let me tell you one interesting thing about Mumbai that there is a huge difference in Mumbai of your dreams and actual Mumbai. After that in 2011, I came back to Nimbahera and worked in theatre for 6 years, from the very day, my passion for acting has begun.”

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2. Was your family against the decision of making a career in acting, what was the reason for coming back, and after that how you managed yourself?

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“I will not blame my family for all this, actually, it’s an issue with the mindset of an individual that he can only think up to the radius where he has been brought up. My family was not aware of Amazon and Netflix, they only knew Zee Tv and Colors before I started working on Amazon and Netflix. After going to Mumbai, I realized that working module is very variant in Mumbai, you have to do many things to support yourself financially. I worked as a waiter in many hotels to make myself financially stable, doing this very work, I spent my 18 months in Mumbai but didn’t get work in acting. So it was the only reason for coming to Jaipur to learn acting as highly charged theatre houses of Mumbai was unaffordable to me. I thought that I will go back to Mumbai in 6 months, but I didn’t know when those 6 months were converted into 6 years. In this 6 years journey of theatre, I got a chance to go to many major cities, I also went to Karachi, Pakistan in my theatre Journey.”

3. When you shifted back to Mumbai, how things in acting came back on track after doing theatre for 6 years?

“In 2016, I shifted back to Mumbai because it was the time when an inner message struck me that “Now, I can do something better in acting and it was the time when my passion was converted into a practical skill. After coming back to Mumbai, I tried for auditions for one month, I was also working in a drama. During that, whenever I got time in the evening, I went to auditions, faced rejections many times. This time I thought that I will do a job again, but I also thought I will do something which will keep me very close to my work. So in that very context, few of my friends suggested I work in casting. After that I joined casting company “Casting Bay” in which my mentors were Abhishek Banerjee and Anmol Ahuja, I started working under their guidance, cast many artists, after all this, I got a first as an actor in Mirzapur.”

4. As Paatal Lok is gradually heading towards good fame and getting a massive response, few voices are also rising against the concept of this web series and people have been labeling the show as “Anti-Hindu”. What statement do you have for those people who are saying all this?

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“The answer to this question relies on the question itself, the people who have watched the series didn’t found anything controversial like this. Listen, buddy, the fact is that these trollers never go to the depth of anything, they never used to analyze that what the writer wants to say, and in what context, he is saying so, these are only a few people whose one n only job is mere trolling. If you will watch the series then you will find there is nothing in that which is anti to either of any community, for example: if Asif Khan or Umesh Sharma has done something wrong then it is only the fault of that very individual either he is Asif or Umesh, doesn’t matter, here you are only supposed to criticize that every individual who is guilty not the whole community to which he belongs, either it is Hindu community or it is the Muslim community, and this very theory is applicable in every context.”

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