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These Hollywood Stars Are Diagnosed With Coronavirus

After the CDC guidelines were put in place to battle the Coronavirus pandemic there have been multiple delays and cancellations of shows and movies. It has strained the entertainment industry massively. The virus has paved its way to the industry.
Here are a few Hollywood’s high profile cases of the outbreak :


On 11th March Tom Hanks took to Twitter to announce that his wife, Rita Wilson, and he had contracted Coronavirus in Australia. The couple started feeling cold and flu symptoms and then subsequently tested positive. According to a source, after a 5 days stay at Queensland hospital, the couple is now under quarantine in a rented house in Australia.


The French actress who starred in the 2008 James Bond movie, Quantum Of Solace publically admitted that she tested positive for Coronavirus. On 15th March, Kurylenko posted a picture on Instagram where she shared the news and urged her followers to take the virus seriously.


The famous British actor and musician shared a video on Twitter on 16th March announcing that he had tested positive for Coronavirus. He went for the test after discovering that he had been exposed to someone who had been diagnosed with the virus.


The Norwegian actor shared a photo on Instagram on 16th March to announce the news. The actor, better known for his role on Games Of Thrones is self-quarantined with minor symptoms.


The voice behind the character of honeymaren in Frozen 2 admitted she got diagnosed with Coronavirus on 16th March. Across a bunch of Instagram stories, Rachel shared her experience and asked her followers to reach out regarding any questions about the virus.


On 17th March, the singer used Instagram as an avenue to share her news, that she tested positive for Coronavirus. The singer suggested her followers remain up to date with the latest news and self-quarantine themselves.


The seagull star took to Instagram on 18th March to announce her illness. She further went on to ask her followers to be kind to each other in this time of need.


The younger actress Debi posted a photo of herself announcing she had tested positive for Covid-19. She mentioned that she had been feeling unwell for the past five days, her symptoms appeared to come and go. She recommended her followers to stay at home to fight the spread of the virus.

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