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Twin Babies Born With Three Hands And Two Heads Are Mystifying Doctors, See Images

A woman in India has given birth to a pair of twins who have three arms and are joint together in a single body.

21-year-old Babita Ahirwar and her husband Jaswant Singh were told that they were expecting twins, but doctors came to know that something was wrong after 34 weeks of pregnancy. They were told that an ultrasound revealed a very rare form of conjoined twins.

Jaswant said:

“My wife passed out after seeing the child. We are shocked. This is amazing. Everyone is surprised to see them. We cannot believe that our son has two heads. After the ultrasound, they told us that we would have twins. We were very happy to have two children, but she is a two-headed child.”


“This is my baby girl and I will raise her. I still have to hold it in my hands. People say a lot of things, but she is my child and I will take her home. I do not have the money for the operation. As long as she is alive, I will love her and take care of her.”


Babies share internal organs and are now under 24-hour inspection. Dr. Surendra Sonkar, a pediatrician at his district hospital in India, said the baby would be transferred to an advanced unit to receive additional treatment.

The doctor said:

“They are a case of united twins. We are taking care of the child and will take the opinion of expert doctors from Bhopal and Delhi, who had earlier operated such children.”
“This is the woman’s first child, who married one. a year and a half. She came to the hospital in the 35th week of pregnancy and during the ultrasound, we came to know that she was carrying attached twins.”
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